Monday, July 6, 2009

Precept of the Month for July

This month’s Precept of the Month is: Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye. Perception is a tricky business: Things aren’t always the way that they seem on the surface. The Warrior must learn to see through deception and illusion to grasp the true nature of her situation. The Wiccan Warrior must learn to dip below the surface and arrive at a true understanding of things in order to act appropriately and effectively.

The only way to control something is to understand it. The more you know about something, the more control you have over it. Knowledge is power. Magick is knowing. There is an old Japanese saying: "From one thing know ten thousand things." The Warrior uses knowing to take charge of his life. Knowing is the foundation from which accurate perception stems. From this foundation the Warrior can separate what is real from what is illusion.
At the Motherhouse we constantly engage in psychic challenges in which I challenge members to find things that I've left around the Motherhouse or in our astral temple. We also periodically engage in "divination sessions" in which all of our members bring their preferred divination tools and read for one another.
Bright Blessings, Kerr

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isabella mori said...

there is a german philosopher, forgot his name this moment, who wrote very interestingly about knowledge "about" versus knowledge "with", corresponding in many ways to power over vs power with. knowledge with is similar to buddhist ideas of becoming one with the object to be known, at which point, of course, it ceases to be an object.

actually, it occurs to me that psychic knowing is/can be a lot like "knowing with" ...