Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Wizard

In 1977 I was sworn in as a peace officer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. When I eventually came out about my Wiccan beliefs, being the first Wiccan cop to do so, I spent the next three decades of my law enforcement career battling prejudice, gossip, threats, being accused of bizarre acts, being under surveillance, surviving repeated investigations by the police called the “Wicca File”, ending up a detective and an expert in hate crimes against minority religions. This is my story, which I originally wrote in 2004, about a year before I retired. Now that I've been retired almost a year I've revised it and put it out there for you to see. It will soon be available from Dark Moon Press.


Witch Hunts

My book Witch Hunts went out of print some time ago when the publisher went out of business. Dark Moon Press has just republished this book, which you can purchase here
In this book I share decades of research into the myths and misinformation that has spread around the various communities about paganism in its various forms, from Satanism to Wicca. This work is valuable guide for law enforcement  and government agencies the actual facts.
This book is based on research I did on various accusations and misinformation that has appeared in the general public, police handbooks on the occult and cults and on the Internet. Well documented and substantiated reference material for any researcher or those new to the alternative religions’.
I exposes the lies and fantasies made up by the perpetrators, and cover a few "handbooks" that were published by government agencies in the 80s that contained misinformation. The author points out the obvious flaws, discusses the misinformation and substantiates his facts with proof. Further, he focuses on the positive aspects of who we are and what the real beliefs are comprised of and what these practices are. This section is carefully and clearly written out so that anyone can understand and appreciate it. The book covers well known Urban Legends, going to the source of the misinformation, naming names and dates and speeches or articles or pamphlets that outlined these lies or fantasies.

Complete with footnotes and appendices of Wiccan terms, a brief history of Satanism, the book includes a huge bibliography and an index..