Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yule Greetings

Dear Friends: 

I tried to send out Sabbat greetings as I’ve been doing for years using my Telus e mail account, but for the last two months it hasn’t allowed me to do this. I keep getting messages telling me “too many recipients per hour.” After working fine for years, now Telus tech support is telling me that even though nothing has changed in their system, I can now only send mail to 10 people at a time. So I’m posting my Yule greetings here. 

We’ve got a new steel roof going on to replace the old asphalt shingles. The workmen have been up there banging around for a week now.  

My old friend and fellow author Dr. Shelley Rabinovitch, who teaches at the university of Ottawa, was here for our Yule ritual last night. Actually there were two Yules: One was a relatively standard Yule which included a Wiccaning for the many children that arrived in the lives of knights of the Order this past year, and the other was a ritual focussing on the Microcosm: Awakening the Light Within. You can check them out on the rituals page at the Order of Scáthach training blog: 

In the coming year I’ll be attending the following gatherings to teach:

·         Heartland Pagan Festival in May 2012.

·         Southern Delta Church of Wicca event 10 – 13 May 2012 in Shelby Park, Millington, Tenessee.

·         PPD in Augusta, Georgia, in October 2012 (still to be confirmed).

 This has been a very productive writing year for me: 

The first print run of my book Pagan Religions: A Manual for Diversity Training, the updated version of my original book The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca, has sold out and the publisher has announced a reprint. It is available for sale at: 

I’ve just released a new book of self empowerment: How To Be Glorious: Day By Day Empowerment. This book is the next step in the the cycle begun with my earlier Llewellyn books on Warrior philosophy, Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick, Magickal Self Defense, and Modern Knighthood. The tremendous interest in the daily affirmations that I post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, got me thinking about a book for the general public on self empowerment and personal power and How to be Glorious is the result. It’s about taking charge of your life instead of letting your life take charge of you. It’s available as an e book from Smashwords and as a print on demand book from

My new book Modern Knighthood: Unleashing Your Inner Power to Master Yourself and the World has been out on since December as an e book, but now it is out as a print on demand book at 

The other book, which is published under my mundane name, Charles Ennis, is Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens. This is a collection of ancient recipes adapted for the modern kitchen, organized into the 8 Sabbat seasons and presented with a brief description of their history. The oldest recipe in there is over 6,000 years old. If you’re looking for recipes for your Esbat or Sabbat, this is the book for you. This is a Smashwords e book and a print on demand book from Amazon. 

And on the subject of cooking, I’ve got a new recipe blog now too: Cauldron and Chalice. 

Just a reminder to anyone interested in studying with us in the Order of Scáthach: We’ve changed our mentoring system so people who want to study with us can check out our mentors on line at our training blog and choose one to work with. We’re also doing Skype conference calls twice monthly for our on line students to improve their learning experience: I’ll be hosting one session and Lady Devenir will be hosting the other. Of course, if you're living here in British Columbia or in one of the other locations that we have preceptories, you can train with us face to face. The Preceptories in the Lower Mainland include: 

·         Surrey Motherhouse

·         Tri Cities Preceptory

·         Bifrost Preceptory 

We’ve been taping lessons to put on the training blog and this led us to create our own YouTube channel. All of the lessons of the Order of Scathach’s training cycle have been uploaded as mini video lessons now: You can visit them through the links on our training blog or go direct to our new YouTube Channel, “Order of Scathach Videos: Check out the sword dance by Tina at the SWC weekend in Texas: 

And finally, our youth group, Scathách Kids, is now fully operational. Please check it out at: 

Hope you have a wonderful Yule. 

Kerr Cuhulain
Grand Master
Order of Scathach
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Give Yourself...

Give YOURSELF this season...