Monday, June 30, 2008

Kerr's Web Site Is Up

Dear Friends:

My web site is finally up and running. You can check it out at


Monday, June 23, 2008

Scáthach Litha 2008

These are some images of our Scáthach Litha celebration yesterday. The first is me putting together strawberry shortcake after the ritual. The second is the cast of the ritual. The third and firth are Shelley and Tam entertaining us with Celtic music. The fourth is the altar for the ritual. Enjoy!
Bright Blessings
Kerr Cuhulain

Friday, June 13, 2008

Scáthach Coven

Some people were asking me about our coven Scáthach on line, so I decided to post on the blog here to tell people about it:

Scáthach is a Wiccan coven and study group founded by me, embracing Warrior philosophies as outlined in mybooks Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick and Magickal Self Defense. It is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, which places it very close to the border with Washington State. We have local members from BC and Washington and on line members around the world. Scáthach focuses on expression and effective magick. Local and on line classes started in November of 2007. There is NO charge for these classes.

Members of Scáthach must honor and uphold the Wiccan Rede in all its aspects.

Members of Scáthach must follow the 13 Warrior Precepts:

1. Know thyself.
2. Nurture the ability to perceive the truth in all matters.
3. You create your own reality.
4. Develop a sense of Right Action.
5. Do not be negligent, even in trifling matters.
6. Your body is your temple: Care for it!
7. Minimal appearance, maximum content.
8. Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.
9. Power with.
10. Who dares wins.
11. The Gods cannot help those who will not help themselves.
12. Be creative!
13. Do not engage in useless activity.

Our first degree focuses on magick and energy and takes about 6 months. The second degree is all about ritual. The third is about mastery, leadership and teaching.

Scáthach holds Sabbat celebrations that are open to all Scáthach members and family, both local and out of town. We supply scripts of the rituals to out of town members so that they can organize their own gatherings if they wish.

Scáthach has a members only blog to allow members to network.

If you are interested in joining Scáthach, write to me at

Kerr Cuhulain

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Litha Greetings


In about a week our Scáthach coven will be celebrating Litha with a BBQ and Litha ritual at my place in Surrey, BC. I’m looking forward to it. The garden has never looked better, though the temperatures up to now have been below average.

At ECOMM the other day I got a call on 911 from a citizen complaining about the noise of hammering next door. Specifically she was complaining about the city workers who were with the police at the scene of a break in where the owner was out of town. Because the owner was away we were forced to board the residence up to secure it until the owner returned. This lady complained that the city workers were making too much noise boarding it up (a job that took all of about 10 minutes). She knew that it was the police (she could see them clearly). She was completely indifferent to her neighbor’s plight. Unfortunately not a lot of compassion or patience there.

The same night I got a call on 911 from a frantic lady:

Me: “Police emergency.”

Caller: (hysterical) “I’ve just been bit by my puppy!”

Me: “Why are you calling police?”

Caller: “Will I get rabies?”

I transferred her to ambulance.

Acorn Guild Press is looking over the updated version of my Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca. The original Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca went out of print, so I've just signed a contract with Acorn to do a new edition. The new book, the Law Enforcement Guide to Pagan Religion, will include Druidism and Asatru as well as Wicca. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

I'm also well advanced on a book of rituals and recipes that Scáthach uses throughout the year.

I posted an article on warding a couple of weeks ago on Witchvox. I’ve got more articles on magick and Wicca coming up. As soon as the warding article was posted I received a number of e mails from people who said that they were happy to see me back on Witchvox again. I’d like to thank them all for their support. I also started receiving various bits of information on anti pagan activities. While I am interested in keeping abreast of such activities, I’d like to point out that after 25 years of fighting battles with fundy extremists, I’m done. As you know I’ve retired from police work and I must tell you that I’ve retired from anti defamation work too. I’ve spent enough years in the trenches: Someone younger can take up the sword and do battle with the idiots. I’m turning my focus to my writing and to teaching, which is why you’ve heard me talking of Scáthach and why you see me writing articles about Wicca on Witchvox.

I hope that you have a wonderful Litha.

Bright Blessings
Kerr Cuhulain

Well, Here We Go

People have been bugging me to create a blog for some time, so here we go. Over the next few weeks I’ll post to this blog. You’ll also see my new web site start up at

If you want to join our Scathach coven, locally or on line, drop me a line ( Classes are free. Note: Scathach has a members only blog (this isn't it).

You can view the anti-defamation articles in my old Witch Hunts column at the Witches’ Voice web site at: You can check out my Llewellyn books (Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick and Magickal Self Defense) at their web site: