Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not Knighthood

Last night I dealt with a 911 call from an Asian male who'd been in the underground parking lot of his building with his wife. As they got out of their car, they unexpectedly encountered a dangerous looking character lurking in the parking lot. The Asian male was pretty sure that this menacing suspect had a knife in his hand. So he immediately took action: He pushed his wife in the direction of the suspect, fled to his apartment several floors up, thought about it for a few minutes, and then called 911 to report that he'd left his wife to do rearguard action while he escaped to safety. Would we please now come quickly and rescue his wife? To complicate things even further, he'd left the device to buzz open the garage door downstairs in his car in his haste to seek safety.We responded code 3 and rescued her.I'm wondering if a divorce is now being considered by the wife. I hope so.
Bb Kerr


Joseph said...

To paraphrase Spider Man 2, "Oh, that man of yours is some hero."

isabella mori said...

it is hard to bless this brother but i guess he needs it more than most.

Stephen said... man point awarded for that one. How can you just not only run from dange...but leave your wife to face it..alone while you run for the hills.....Please someone revoke his man card...hes out of the club