Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Warding Mission

Last night our Commandery met at a member's place to do some warding magick for her “stalker”. I thought that I’d describe what we did for those who weren’t there but sent energy to assist.

As I’ve outlined in lesson 4, wards such as the magick Circle that Wiccans typically put up around their rituals are simply a screen that keeps out the random negative energy that is in the neighborhood. It is kind of a “duck and cover” exercise. However, if you’re dealing with someone either deliberately sending negative stuff, or deliberately drawing energy away (as was the case here), then you need to drop the shields and engage the person. Remember the old martial arts adage: “When they push, you pull. When they pull, you push.”

What we did was a two part process. We first put up a ward around Aurora’s townhouse. For this we stood in a circle and faced outwards, with Aurora in the middle. The five of us put out the energy to create the ward while Aurora in the middle pushed it out to the perimeter of the property: Aurora was most familiar with the boundaries of her space (it is her space, after all), so she was the best person to do this. The rest of us focused on the intent behind it. This is a similar process to the one that I used to put up double wards around Dûn Scáthach.

Next, each of us went to one of the doors to the place (there are 5). We stood facing the door and focused defensive intent on the portal in front of us. This is something like created a “haunted house”: We were imprinting the entrance with the thought that if anyone with hostile intent showed up, they’d pick up on the message: “You are in danger. You are not welcome. You do NOT want to come through this door.” We wanted that person to feel as if someone was right behind them. That person that you think that you see in your peripheral vision, but when you turn to see, you can’t see them. That person that you fear that is on the other side of the door, making you want to turn around and run away. The closer you get, the more you want to pee yourself and run. This stalker guy is going to see me staring right through the front door with my sticks in my hand. He’s going to see Sir Ravin waiting with his bo. He’s goign to see Dame Janus waiting with her bubbling cauldron of caustic energy. He’s going to see Dame Sorayah waiting with her spear and two jaguars. He’s going to see Dame Ravin standing there with a water barrier behind her and a bo in her hand. People with no evil intent won’t feel it: If they feel anything it will be security, as will Aurora. In fact she commented on how she felt more secure the moment that we finished.

Thanks to all of you who couldn’t make it but sent energy to assist.

BB Kerr

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