Thursday, February 26, 2009

Magick Results

Dear Friends:

Last Monday a Commandery of the Order of Scathach convened at Aurora’s place in Surrey, BC. We did some warding magick for Aurora, as well as some magick for our sister Karen here and prosperity magick for Vonita in South Afrika. Vonita had asked us for prosperity magick to help her in a job search. Vonita wrote to tell us what happened:

“This week, I had two signs which I take as very good and that things will work out. On Monday, a dove came to my office window and tried very hard to get inside, clicking its beak on the window. He continued with this, even when my colleague rapped on the window. I could see that the bird could definitely see me through the window, because when I stood up to take a closer look, it stopped what it was doing and looked at me. Then it started again. I even put my hand right up to the window, and he did not fly away. Then a second one came along and did the exact same thing.

“This morning, I opened my cupboard door and found a ladybug sitting on one of my jackets. This is the second one I have seen since the weekend, but I thought that it was quite peculiar to find one like this.

Also, 3 People have also phoned me during the past week to set up an interview for a job.

Thanks again to you and the group.”

Well done to Aurora, who was the “steersperson” sending our energy and to everyone involved.

BB Kerr

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