Monday, December 22, 2008

Yule News

Dear Friends:

I hope that you've all had a happy Yule. I experienced an exceptional Yule ritual at the Scathach gathering last Saturday. I've included a couple of shots of the altar. I was presented with a stained glass window bearing the Scathach logo: Apparently the members secretly donated to this project. Quite overwhelming.

A snowstorm started a few hours after the ritual and it took some of us a while to get home. I ended up stuck on a hill because a semi trailer unit jack knifed at the bottom, completely blocking the road. I eventually had to back track and take another route.

I've just finished my latest manuscript draft for the book of Scathach rituals and will send off a proposal this afternoon to the publisher. This has led me to make updates to the rituals and lessons on the Scathach training blog.


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