Monday, December 1, 2008

Precept of the Month

The Precept of the Month is “Do not engage in useless activity.” A Wiccan becomes a Warrior by seeking results. Seek out new ideas. Try new things out. There is nothing wrong with experimentation. That is how you will find out what works for you. If you find that a particular technique or “spell” doesn’t work, you should set it aside. Perhaps it won’t work for you at your present stage of development. Maybe it isn’t a technique that will work for you at all. If this is the case, toss it out.
That is why you use a Book of Shadows as a working journal. This is where you will record results. You should record the failures too. You should periodically review old entries: Sometimes something that you’ve recently learned will give you the key to something that didn’t work for you before.

The Principle of Chivalry this month is loyalty, which is linked to respect. There are many ways of giving respect:
· A Wiccan Warrior’s word is his bond. A Wiccan Warrior strives to be known for his commitment. Keep your word and you will win the loyalty of others. Respect is something that you earn.
· Do not waste other people’s valuable time by being late. I wince every time I hear tardy people excusing themselves by saying that they are on “Pagan Standard Time.” This is an ignorant expression which clearly demonstrates how little the person using it respects you.

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