Monday, April 6, 2009

April 2009 Arming and Armoring Ritual

Last night the Order of Scáthach held Armoring and Arming initiations for members both local and out of town. The Order now has three new Knights. The next Arming/Armoring will take place in Seattle on May 10. The Arming ritual is the Knighthood ritual of our Order. Here's some photos from the Arming.
For those of you who weren’t at the Arming last night, as part of the ritual we did magick for members and others who’d requested it. Wildvine had asked for energy to put up a ward around her property in Balfour, BC. I phoned Wildvine to let her know that we were starting. She and Sherry were going to take the energy and push it out to the perimeters of her property. At this end the Commandery at the Motherhouse was going to send them the energy to do this. Wildvine wrote to tell me what happened:

“Kerr, wow, just wow. That was the strongest shot of energy I have ever felt. About 10 seconds after we hung up the phone, Sherry and I began to gather our energy balls. We decided to do it in the living room instead of outside because it had gotten late and was very cold. We were tired and at first I was struggling to gather my ball of energy. After about 1 minute, Sherry whispered to me "I can feel them" meaning all of you in the group. I just whispered "not yet" because I was still working on it and couldn't feel it yet. I had my eyes closed and didn't know that Sherry had taken one step toward me. Our hands were close but not touching. Then, all of a sudden I felt a searing white hot surge of energy hit the top of my head, shoot down my body with sparks flying. It took my breath away. I said "now, now I feel them". We gathered the energy up and made our bubble spread out over the property as we had done before like a soap bubble with flexible edges. This time I was not trying to visualize a colour but was letting it take the course that it would. The colour was an iridescent pink/purple and it hung in the air and all around like a living thing. Right away, Sherry went to each side of the house to reinforce the shield in each direction then we both went out onto the deck facing south (the problem area) and reinforced the shield there as well. My knees were shaking, and we looked up to see a huge moon dog around the waxing moon. My head felt singed and tingly until I went to sleep. It was a very powerful ward.Thank you to everyone that lent us your energy.”


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