Saturday, March 7, 2009

Christian Hate Mail

I just got the following e mail from a Christian person whom I’ve never met. This is typical of some of the mail that I’ve received over the years from Christian strangers:

“They must let anybody become a cop in Canada. I mean come on, a pagan cop. Yeah, that is what I want, a cop who talks to false gods, and bashes christians. How many misleading things did you give out as a wiccan cop? Come on, you occult types love to deceive and mislead. Deny Christ, accept the devil's lies and whatever form they may come, wiccan being your fun form. You were an investegator, but cannot even see past the lies of the greatest deceiver around. Let me guess, wicca has nothing to do with satan, right? Thought so. Yeah wicca is just a harmless little religion that hurts nobody. Anywho, I hope you come to your sense and find Jesus, accept his salvation, drop your ego, and realize you are a sinner. God Bless”

People like this are one of the reasons that I’m not Christian.



The Quirked Eyebrow said...

Personally, I don't think this person is a Christian. Well, at least not as I understand the basic tenets of that faith to be. :)


Kerr Cuhulain said...

He certainly isn't living up to the tenets as I understand them either. Sounds like an angry individual.

BB Kerr

Raven said...

that is horrible some one who claim to follow a belief that is "supposedly" peaceful should write something like this, its taking thing TOO far... but then again, they themselves are sadly hypocritical as if you read the bible it talks about peace in a way similar to Buddhism... but its the church itself that has corrupted it...

Noinden said...

I WISH my blog got that, rather than the kids who tell me they are going to go "kill some Christians" for what they (the Christians) did to the "witches"... then I would not have to talk to the police so much about "potential idiots" out there.

Peter said...


You of all people must know about the spiritual realm and the war that is going on. The fact that you are looking at other Christians to make up your mind about being not a follower of Jesus is a bit shallow, don't you think? Do you not think reading about the teachings of Jesus will be more accurate before deciding to make a choice.
Wicca is part of the occult which includes demons like satanism and you open yourself for these spirits. You probably also know that demons have to obey the commands Jesus make, it is therefore that we as Christians through the Name of Jesus Christ can cast out demons out of people to free them from oppression.

However, it will be very difficult for me to believe that you are not filled with one or many spirits that blinds your life to the truth and informs you what to right by voices you hear in your head.

You are sadly on the wrong team since Jesus is victorious and no matter how powerful you are , you cannot place a spell or curse on a Spirit filled born again Christian!
I am not telling you something you do not know, but all the best and my your heart become soft in the name of Jesus Christ.

Is there anything in this temporary life that is worth giving up to give away the Gift of life for eternity?


Angela ~ Askani ~ said...

Wow. Somebody unleashed a bucket or two of crazy...

muttmutt said...

Ive heard the terminology not a true christian too often. Frankly, I just lump them all together these days, cause ive met hateful liberals as well. America is teetering close to a christian based theocracy, and Id leave the country if I had the resources.